Data migration

A data migration is a highly complex project with a list of activities that need to be planned , co-ordinated and successfully completed. The requirements demanded of the software tools are significantly higher than those needed to copy data.

The BranschDATA migration tools analyse the existing and future systems and identify , clean and construct the relevant data for the target system.

The data elements are checked against documented rules and modified as a result of the tests in an iterative process. This way achieves the highest possible data quality.

The BranschDATA migration tools support the data migration during all phases of the project

  • Analysis of the source and target data volumes
  • Optimisation of the migration and transformation defaults
  • Migration and creation of the target data bases
  • Test, quality and progress controls
  • Documentation

The flexibility of the BranschDATA migration tools ensure that individual customer requirements as well dependencies between product and business processes can be integrated into the migration.

The BranschDATA migration tools permit the extraction of a “smart” data volume for effective and efficient testing.

The functionality of the existing systems remains the same during the complete project.

The automation of the migration with the reusable BranschDATA migration tools and the logical wide ranging experience of the Rafisa project team lifts the project quality by a significant factor.

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More about the Migration in this PDF:
BranschDATA Migration Tool (german) - PDF - 512KB