IBM VSE to IBM z/OS Conversion

RAFISA offers the software product called the BranschData Converter, that specifically addresses the needs of a data center converting from IBM VSE to IBM z/OS. The BranschData Converter contains a number of software products designed with a high level of integration to perform the DOS/VSE to OS/390 conversion with uniformity and increased functional capabilities.

  • RAFISA's software-supported VSE to z/OS conversion concept greatly reduces expenditure in time, staff, hardware and software, and thus the cost also, in all phases of the project (analysis, conversion and integration).
  • For such projects RAFISA provides staff with appropriate training and experience. The BranschData Converter is installed in the client's system by RAFISA specialists. All phases of the conversion project take place on the client's premises.
  • In this way the effectiveness of the resources employed is decisively enhanced. Decisions can be taken by the decision makers more rapidly and more reliably, on the basis of up-to-date information.
  • The BranschData Converter automatically identifies all critical elements to be converted. All phases are documented by means of easily understandable reports and cross-reference lists.
  • The conversion process is completely automated. The required corrections are always implemented as a solution in the conversion software package, tailored to the client's specific needs, never by hand in source code. This is a reliable and efficient procedure.
  • With the inclusion of the BranschData Converter, RAFISA guarantees a controlled and transparent conversion of the existing software, programs and JCL to high-quality material performing the same function.
  • The BranschData Converter in addition supports the definition of uniform software conventions and the introduction of new standards, to meet the client's specific needs.
  • The automated mass conversion procedure also ensures that the whole of the application software is converted in a uniform way, i.e. in accordance with the defined target standards.
  • The conversion team always works on a copy of the productive material; production and development are therefore not interrupted by the project, and there is no maintenance stop.
  • RAFISA supports the project organization and the management, assists the client's staff with competent advice and/or implements the project as a general contractor (outsourcing). Results and references give us reassurance, and give you the confidence which is a vital pre-requisite for carrying out such projects.
  • Simulators or emulators are not used.
  • The BranschData Conversion software runs in the IBM VM environment. The conversion can optionally be performed on a remote site, if a VM environment is not available.

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More about the Migration in this PDF:
IBM VSE to IBM z/OS Conversion - PDF - 40KB