Service in the personnel area

Every day we realise new, virtual connections and interesting contacts between workers and employers. The competence of our advisors in the IT area guarantees optimal results.

Rafisa recruits specialists in organisation , analysis and programming based entirely on the needs and wishes of the employer.

  • Rafisa provides responsible and competent IT specialists for flexible temporary duty
  • Rafisa allows customers a „try and hire“ method where a specialist has a fixed time temporary presence with the possibilityof converting this to a permanent position
  • Rafisa can seek suitable applicants for immediate permanent employment

We offer all services with the benefit of our years of experience in commercial administration and technical knowledge in the IT area.

Organization - Analysis - Programming - Testing - Integration

The staff of Rafisa AG develop and support application software following customer standards , database information systems in cooperative teamwork and taking into account the market leading technologies. Thereby they take over the following responsibilities either partly or completely

  • Project management
  • Preparation of complete , partial and detailed concepts
  • Realisation , testing and implementation of IT applications
  • Support of applicatino systems
  • Creation of IT documentation and product requirement specifications
  • Systems programmer activities on the host , network and PC
  • Operating system migration and release changes
  • Software conversion
  • Data migration