We are looking for excellent qualified persons experienced in the IBM area to realize extensive customer projects.

  • Analytical Programmer
    (Cobol, PL/1, REXX, DB2, IMS, CICS, etc.)
  • System-Programmer
    (z/OS, OS/390, DB2, CICS, UNIX, Linux, etc.)
  • Client/Server and Web-Engineer
    (Java, Corba, C/C++, HTML, Visual Basic, Oracle, UNIX, OpenVMS, NT, etc.)
  • Network Specialist
    (CISCO, NT, Novell, SNA, FDDI, DNS, RAS, NMS, VPN,TCP/IP, etc.)
  • SAP Module Supporter
    (R/2, R/3, BC, FI, CO, AM, ABAP)

Please send your application with the note "IT Rafisa", which guarantees you the full confidetiality.