Highlights of a Rafisa conversion

Software conversions and Operating System migrations are unusually complicated projects with a wide range of activities that need planning and co-ordination to achieve a successful project.

  • During all phases of the project , Rafisa’s software supported conversion concept reduces the overhead in time , personnel , software and hardware costs.
  • Rafisa specialists will install the conversion tools , Rafisa will then offer personnel who are trained and experienced in the use of the tools.
  • All phases of the project are carried out at the customer’s premises.
  • The Rafisa conversion tools automatically identify all critical software elements and their uses for the target system All phases are documented with easily understood reports and cross references.
  • The analysis and conversion processes are completely automated. Any required corrections to the source code are never changed manually but are always performed using customer specific solution in the conversion tools. This is the safest and most efficient solution.
  • Using the Rafisa conversion tools guarantees a controlled and transparent conversion of the software and data to quality , high value and functionally identical components without the use of simulators or emulators.
  • The Rafisa conversion tools also support customer specific definitions of unique conventions and the realisation of new standards.
  • The use of an automated mass conversion also ensures that the entire software inventory is converted using identical standards.
  • The conversion team always works with a copy of the production source code. This means that the normal production and development environments continue as normal with no breaks.
  • Rafisa supports the project organisation and management and provides advice to the customer’s employees.
  • The Rafisa conversion tools support the analysis , conversion and correction of the these programming languages ; COBOL , PL/1 , Assembler , RPG and JCL and can migrate from these Operating Systems ; IBM VSE , Siemens BS2000 , Bull GCOS and Unisys to zOS or various Linux and Unix systems.
  • The Rafisa conversion tools run in IBM VM , zOS and MS Windows 2000 onwards.