Conversion Services

Rafisa conversion projects are carried out using a software supported conversion concept. The automated process guarantees punctuality and reduces costs. The process runs quickly , safely and transparently with no controlled stops on existing services.

The conversion service handles JCL , source programs , procedures , Databases , Data and documentation of the following operating systems , IBM zOS , OS/390 , VSE , Siemens BS2000 , Bull GCOS and Unisys.

  • Operating-System-Migration / Conversion: IBM VSE Pfeil IBM z/OS, OS/390
    Inventory, Analysis, Conversion und Cutover of applications (JCL, COBOL, PL/1, Assembler, RPG, etc.) to IBM z/OS, OS/390
  • Operating-System-Migration / Conversion: SIEMENS BS2000 Pfeil IBM z/OS, OS/390
  • Operating-System-Migration / Conversion: BULL GCOS Pfeil IBM z/OS, OS/390
  • Operating-System-Migration / Conversion: Pfeil z/Linux, SUSE Linux, div. UNIX
  • PL/1 Migration Pfeil IBM Enterprise PL/1 für z/OS
  • PL/1 Conversion Pfeil COBOL II
  • NATURAL/Adabas Pfeil COBOL/DB2
  • NATURAL/Adabas Pfeil web-enabled Java-COBOL Environment
  • NATURAL Pfeil Java
  • Adabas Pfeil DB2 or Oracle
  • COBOL /74/85 Conversion Pfeil COBOL II
  • RPG Conversion Pfeil COBOL II
  • 24 Bit Mode Pfeil 31 Bit Mode (Assembler, PL/1)
    (Assembler, PL/1, Cobol, ESA-Upgrade)
  • Database-Conversion
    Conversion to relational Database-Systems
    DL/1, IMS-DB, VSAM, ISAM Pfeil DB/2, Oracle
  • Conversion IBM AS Application-System Pfeil COBOL/SQL
  • System-ORGANIZER for generating standard conventions (Key-Structurs, Filenames, Copies, JCL, etc.)
  • Visual Basic 6.0 Pfeil .NET
  • Informix 4GL Pfeil Java
  • J2EE Pfeil .NET
  • ASP Pfeil ASP.NET
  • Oracle Pfeil SQL Server
  • Visual Basic Application (VBA) Pfeil Visual Studio Tools Application Migration for ISVs