Support or complete Solution

Rafisa AG is a manufacturer neutral company providing IT services and is specialised in the areas of system conversion , platform migration , business process re-engineering and systems engineering.

System oriented projects can be efficiently and transparently brought to fruition through the use , in particular , of modern and efficient technolog. Rafisa AG has business partner contracts with other companies , for example BranschData AB and IBM Switzerland among others , which ensures access to further tools and related know-how.

Customers of Rafisa AG will be accompanied through the complete project from the intial idea and first analysis to the competed target system by two different Rafisa functions.

  • The support function alongside the customer
  • This is one of the major tasks of Rafisa AG, to support advise the customer in every aspect of the project as well as in clearly defined parts of the work. This function can be further enhanced by overseeing the complete project , creating complete project documentation and ensuring all parts of the project work together. This support alongside the customer includes taking responsibility for cost control , contracts and orders for subcontractors with the internal project manager.
  • The function as lead contractor for the complete project.
  • As lead contractor , Rafisa AG assumes complete responsibility for the total extent of its projects. By this means all contracts and orders with third parties are signed with Rafisa AG. In this way , all risks and relevant guarantees are assumed by Rafisa AG. Planning , coordination , execution and documentation of the project are carried out by Rafisa AG. Only this level of cooperation allows the customer to run a project with an external partner while at the same time reducing the risks and work required from the customer to a minimum.